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Deepest Shade of Blue

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Deepest Shade of Blue is the first cd I have recorded and released, this process went through many stages. The songs were conceived and had been written before the project began, but evolved as I made my way through the process. I collaborated with 9 musicians through the course of recording this album. There were 2 musicians in particular with whom I worked very closely and who played a big role in the making of the cd, Shaun Clare a drummer and singer and Darren Mundt a multi-instrumentalist who played guitar on the cd but also bass, piano and B3 Organ.

The cd was recorded over 5 years in 3 studios. In the spring of 2005 Ross Murray was recommended to me as a producer, through his committment to the project the album was completed with him over the past couple years. The album was mastered at Sterling studios in New York in August and will be officially released on January 1, 2008.


Here is a list of the musical contributions to the making of Deepest Shade of Blue :

    • Bill Brookes - Electric guitar
    • Shaun Clare - Drums, Percussion, Back-up vocals
    • Kelly Craig - Trumpet
    • Christophe Elie - Vocals, Acoustic/Electric guitars, Slide, Keyboards
    • David MacEwan - Drums
    • Darren Mundt - Electric Guitars, Bass, Piano, Organ, Eboe, Slide
    • Ross Murray - Drums, Percussion
    • Darrell O'Dea - Piano, Organ, Rhodes
    • Glen Scammell - Bass
    • Kenny Whyte - Bass