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Deepest Shade of Blue

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November 28, 2012 - I am beginning plans for a campaign to raise awareness around the issue of Homelessness beginning in January. The Daily Grind is supporting this initiative by offering the Big Easy Sundays evening as a night to highlight this issue in January. We will be showing some Film, some speakers and discussion on the issue of homelessness in our city. We will be talking about Housing at 7:00 every Sunday at the Daily Grind! Please support this campaign in some way however you can in January!

October 20, 2012 - I am opening for Cory M. Coons - on November 3rd at the McCloskey Hotel in Chesterville! As well come out for a southern treat any Sunday at the Daily Grind! Any time after 6, we get started for 7 at Big Easy Sundays. I look forward to seeing you out!

September 30, 2012 - The Daily Grind's Big Easy Evening, and Focus on Development, an organization I am associated with, hosted a benefit for Children's Education in Haiti, it was a great event! Special thanks to Chef Wayne and the Daily Grind, thanks to the performers Jordan King, Christopher Leblanc, Kristine St. Pierre, Arif Jinha, Julie Catalyst, Oliver Davies and Maxim Banjo Man. It was a truly inspirational evening! The event was also livestreamed and Jacky of FATEM, the organization we are contributing to spoke to us by Skype.

July 26, 2012 - The Big Easy - Sunday nights at the Daily GrindOn August 13th the Big Easy Evening is going to get started at the Daily Grind - 601 Somerset street W. 7 - 10pm, the cover is $5 or pay what you can. There will be southern cooking and a mix of Southern style Blues, Reggae and Folk music. I will be performing a mix of my own as well as some select classic folk songs. Chris Dread from Jamaica and Jordan Rain out of Mississippi will also be playing. Coming up August 4th, I'll be doing a set at Summerfest 2012, in Wakefield QC - A benefit for the Chelsea Women's Shelter, should be a great event, looking forward it!

Great night tonight at Bassline Station, performed with Fred on drums and a variety of other musicians, great fun! I also performed last night, Wednesday July 25, at the Rainbow Bistro, with other Ottawa songwriters, a very warm and gracious crowd out. I performed a new song, Borealis Expedition - a story about Canada's International Northern expedition that left port 99 years ago this past month.

This past weekend was a quite momentous event, a party in celebration of Shaun Clare's birthday, a long time dear friend of mine who I began my career as a musician with many years ago. I played an Acoustic set and 3 sets with 3 different bands that Shaun and I had played with over the years, The Source, Headless Puppets and The Rideau River Revival, It turned out to be an amazing day and amazing time!

This past year I've played a series of smaller events, two Full moon celebrations, as well as a benefit for the Wakefield Tree Sitters who tried in vain to have the Route 5 extension changed to decrease the impact on the Forest and Wildlife. This brave group is still fighting this battle.

November 27, 2011 - I undertook a big challenge this fall in entering Ottawa's Digi60 film festival. As a songwriter, and a lover of film, I've always wanted to make a documentary, I shot a short drama a few years ago but have finally completed my first mini documentary, it is 8 minutes long and will be screened at the Digi60 Film festival on Dec. 2, 2011. If you've been wondering what this Occupy movement is all about, then I'd encourage you to come out for the screening. I dedicate the film to all of those across the world, who have put themselves at risk through their involvement in this movement, in the hope their action could contribute to a fairer, more empathetic world.

May 2, 2011 - Ayiti Vivan - AKASAN Benefit in support of Haiti I was asked to play at Ayiti Vivant this past Saturday, a benefit for the organization AKASAN, a Kreyol acronym that stands for Haitians supporting Haitians all the way. Check out an entertaining clip - Emrical et Ami from the evening. It was held at the Bronson Centre. The event was hosted in Kreyol, French and English by Jean St. Vil founder of AKASAN, Jean is also an esteemed author of Haitian history and an activist.

The evening opened with the singing of the Haitian National anthem by Ferline Regis who also graced us with some beautiful Haitian pieces at different points over the next hour.The headliner for the night was Vox Sambou Local Haitian dancers from the Pazapa Dance School entertained us with a graceful traditional performance. I then got up to sing a song I had just completed for Haiti, the song entitled "Seize the Moment" urges all Haitians to rise up for their country despite the tragic circumstances, in recognition of the importance of this point in Haiti's history! I also performed une ancienne chanson folklorique haitienne called "Sans Douce". The Haitian Elder and Storyteller Koralen (Jean-Claude Martineau) provided us with an interesting conversation reminding us that it is Haitians themselves that can appreciate the rhythms, sounds, images and vibrancy of the Haitian spirit and Haitians that can truly provide that true picture to the world. This picture should not be left to persons in remote regions having only read about Haiti to educate the world about Haiti. After a break that included some traditional Haitian pate the show continued.

Local Haitian band Tanbou Lakay raised the intensity level with some dynamic drumming to get the audience warmed up for Emrical and Vox Sambou who closed the show with a very memorable performance that included an up and coming 6 year old break dancer plucked out of the audience. The evening highlighted the very interesting work and approach being taken by AKASAN in Haiti and provided us all with a diverse experience that reminds us that Haiti is still recovering and needs our energy that was clearly evident this evening!

April 26, 2011 - Ayiti Vivan - AKASAN Benefit in support of HaitiI will be performing this Saturday April 30th at a benefit, AYITI VIVANT - Artists United by and for Haiti, in support of a local organization called AKASAN. Come out this weekend to experience the Haitian vibration. The cost is $10.00 and the money will be going to a great organization with a commitment to helping Haiti find it's footing.

I just returned from Veradero where we spent an incredible time immersed in the Cuban culture, music and experience. A beautiful country with un grande corazon, I had the opportunity to perform for 2 evenings with a cuban band "Cafe Maracas", very talented, great group, was introduced to the instrument known as the Tres, a rhythm instrument similar to the 12 string guitar, with 3 double strings. Experiencing the Cuban culture and people was an unforgettable experience.

February 1, 2011 - The Songwriters Association held it's monthly writers evening, turned out to be great evening at Gracies, it was great to get out and discuss the Indie music business with like folked minds. They've got a stage there so people got up and played and we all stuck around till late.

December 31, 2010 - It has been a very fullfilling year musically having been involved in many benefits that have brought many people together to address the challenges around us. We have been lucky together to have provided strong financial and moral support to Haiti. Thanks to all that have come out in support of the different causes during this year.

October 11, 2010 - Ontario Council of Folk FestivalsFriday October 15th I will be performing at Dunning-Foubert public school as part of the OCFF's Art beat program. A shout to those grade 6-8 kids who will be attending, I'm looking forward to meeting you.

Saturday evening at 11:00, I will be performing a showcase in the Songwriters Unite Showcase room with Ania Ziemirska, Jack Connolly and Andrew Smith.

October 10, 2010 - It has been a sad year, and sadly, a good friend, Gary Schingh, passed away on September 18th of this past month. Gary was a well respected musician in the Ottawa area. This article in the Citizen is a heartfelt hommage to Gary. Jack, a close friend of Gary's has organized a benefit coming up on November 14th to raise money for a Trust fund for Gary's daughter Mary who is 14 years old. Please come out and enjoy some great music for a great cause.

July 5, 2010 - Cajun AtticI hope to see you out this Saturday July 10th at noon for the show.

April 21, 2010 - I am very happy to announce that I will be playing the Ottawa Bluesfest again this year. Same bat time same bat channel - July 10th at noon, again as part of the Acoustic series. Another great line-up this year with Santana, Arcade Fire, John Hiatt, Marc Cohn, Rush and Crowded House to name a few. I will also be playing the Cajun Attic the last Friday in May. It will be a bit of a jam, so come on out to play or listen. I'll also be featuring abit of Simon and Garfunkel for those of you who were hoping to but not able to make the show in May.

March 15, 2010 - I'm playing at the Cajun Attic this Friday, my Cajun Atticold stomping grounds, but at it's new venue, upstairs 349 Dalhousie St. I am playing 5:00 - 8:00. A great spot in the market and supporter of live music in the city with music most nights of the week, come out, come out, come out!

Saturday March 6th, a good friend, Jack Courville, put on an evening in support of a local musician going through a challenging time. Musicians and close friends packed Greenfields for an absolutely incredible night of music and true sentiment for our good friend Gary. Gary Schingh was responsible for introducing me to the music industry by giving me a job as a roadie for one of his bands when I was 17, I proceeded to join my first band at 18 shortly thereafter. Gary it was awesome to see you Saturday, you look great and our thoughts and support are with you!!!

February 21, 2010 - The weekend was a tremendous success, we held the benefit on Friday at the Avant-Garde in downtown Ottawa. We had a great turn out, Oni opened the night off by putting the Haitian situation in Canada's political context, discussing how the proroguing of Parliament only further jeopardizes our ability to react democratically to this tragedy in Haiti and then wowed us with her biting slam poetry and soothed us with her warm presence! Jennifer Noxon's sweet voice filled the room with songs that suited the event, along with a beautifully patriotic song that seemed appropriate given the generous outpouring of support from our country. Razor Mike and Garry Shultz kept the party going with Razor's uniquely Canadian style of Folk. Then some more slam poetry, Faye AKA Festrella delivered to us a remarkable poem titled "All I want for Christmas".
Those sitting in the backroom crowded in to the narrow bar area at AG to view the short film Lezenvisib which I felt gave people a sense of Port-au-Prince. Jeff Mills spoke about Focus on Development and re-inforced the message that Focus is about community and how we are all connected despite distance! I got the opportunity again to perform my music and performed Darfur, Gold and a new song Firekeeper as well as a song with my father a beautiful old Haitian creole folk song "Bam Moin Pam moin sans douce".
Christopher Herodier from the Cree Nation of Chisasibi performed 3 songs for us including one that he wrote specifically for Haiti. A member of THUR recited a poem after explaining his theory around how he believes God is a woman. Jeff Turcotte performed unplugged for us and I plugged in going back to my roots to play some rock and roll with some good friends Bill Brookes, Dave Wentzell and Larry Cadman. River City Junction closed the night for us with their soulful Blues and a jam involving many of the remaining musicians. Thanks to everyone involved, and everyone who performed, the evening raised money for Focus on Development, an organization committed to supporting a small community in Haiti.
I performed on Saturday evening at the incredible event Voices for Haiti that combined Opera, Bonnie Cooper,a fashion show of Amber Watkins pieces, Brooke Robitaille's Belly Dancing, Rachel Beausoleil's Jazz Trio and a Haitian band named Tap-Flap. The evening was hosted by the charming owners of Wallspace Gallery on Richmond Road. All proceeds went to the Humanitarian Coalition Relief Fund.

HaitiFebruary 14, 2010 - This Friday at 6PM I've organized a "Benefit for Haiti's Future" with Focus on Development at the Avant-Garde bar in support of a small community in Haiti. I will be perfoming along with 9 other performers, some Folk, some Rock, a Haitian band and some Slam poetry, that include Oni the Haitian Sensation, Razor Mike, Jennifer Noxon and River City Junction. I am also hoping to present a short film by Korbett Mathews called Lezenvib. This evening is all about introducing people to this small community in Haiti. I am involved for the long term in looking to support Haiti's future through this organization called Focus on Development, please come get to know Haiti at what should be a great event in support of this beautiful country's future.
I am also honoured to be invited to perform on the Saturday evening, Feb. 20th at an event called Voices for Haiti that is to take place at the Wallspace Gallery, a beautiful space at 358 Richmond rd. The evening will also feature Bonnie Cooper - Opera, Jazz - Rachel Beausoleil, Fashions by Amber Watkins, Kompa - Tap Flap and Belly Dancing - Brooke Robitaille. This event will get started at 7:30. Really hope to see you out this weekend.

HaitiJanuary 19, 2010 - This Friday at 7PM in the Almonte Old Town Hall, I along with many other artists will be performing at the Haiti SOS Benefit. This event was organized by the Almonte and District High School with support from and the proceeds going to "Focus on Development" in support of Haiti. The community of Almonte, with a history of events supporting Haiti, over the years has really come together and been working hard to pull this event together. Please join me in making the trip out to this beautiful community on the outskirts of Ottawa to support the people of Haiti!

January 15, 2010 - A beautiful outpouring of support from the Haitian community this evening at Babylon. It has only just been 48 hours since the devestating earthquake that has paralyzed Haiti. Oni the Haitian Sensation a local spoken word artist put together with a close friend and incredible support from the community an amazing event this evening that I was drawn to perform at this evening. Over $3500 was raised that will be matched by the Canadian Government. I wanted to take this opportunity to announce a benefit for Haiti that I have worked to help organize as part of the small NGO Focus on Development. The benefit is planned for Feb. 19 at 6PM - Avant Garde. We look forward to seeing you there, much more info to come. Our thoughts are with our brothers and sisters in Haiti as they wade there way through and face another tragedy that has again confronted them.

January 4, 2010 - A new decade has begun and with each new decade there is hope for new inspiration, new directions, new life that may be infused in to our world. There is no shortage of topics to inspire us as artists and as we look out around us there is definitely no shortage of people to inspire us. I look forward to this decade as an opportunity to see the world around me from other angles and invite you to all as well. Happy New year and hopes for Peace and less suffering in the greater world around us.

Ontario Council of Folk FestivalsOctober 18, 2009 - What a great weekend! Performing for the kids was a fun and interesting experience they really soaked it all in, they enjoyed the music and asked some great questions! It was nice to meet all of them. The OCFF conference was amazing as usual, you just can't beat going from hotel room to hotel room seeing some of the best entertainment in the country in such an intimate setting. I showcased Friday evening at 12:30 with some great artists, between, Peter Slack's beautiful open spaces sound, Layah Jane's reggae soul and sweet voice with Oliver Johnson's guitar stylings putting their foot down and Arlene Bishop's lyrics and banter, I really enjoyed the set. A big thanks to Songwriters Unite and in particular Russell and Peter for organizing everything. One other big highlight for me at the conference was Crowfoot.

October 6, 2009 - A couple things coming up this month, I am looking forward to a performance and workshop at Knoxdale Public School for a grade 5 and grade 6 class as part of a program called Art Beat associated with the OCFF. I am also doing a showcase at the Ontario Council for Folk Festivals (OCFF) conference at the Crowne Plaza on Friday night October 16, on the 17th floor room 1716 at 1AM, yes 1:00 in the morning, the floor should be rocking by then especially in the Songwriters Unite Guerilla Suite, hope to see you out!

September 30, 2009 - How quickly the summer has come and gone... despite the weather it's been a great one! Playing Bluesfest for the first time was great, warm responsive audience and got to play a good 1 hour set! Hope to play again next year. A week in Toronto songwriting with Hawksley Workman as well as 11 other talented musicians was a great experience that inspired a number of new songs this summer.

June 28, 2009 - Getting prepared this week for 2 big events, my show at Bluesfest coming up on July 11, 2009 and the workshop I'll be attending next week with Hawksley Workman, I am really looking forward to that. Happy Canada week everyone!

June 1, 2009 - My music was played in Haiti this week on Sweet FM 99.7. Two of my songs were added to their Music Choice list and have now been introduced to music lovers in my father's home country. This is the first international airplay the CD has received and I could not be happier that it was in Haiti.

I played for the first time at the Elmdale Tavern this past Tuesday evening. This is a good venue in Ottawa for music and I look forward to playing there again. I also welcomed a guest that evening, Jane Whittington a local songstress introduced us to a couple of her songs.

Deepest Shade of Blue

CD Cover - Deepest Shade of Blue

My debut cd "Deepest Shade of Blue" explores life transitions from darkness to daybreak. The songs tell a story, as we face the realities that confront us on our journey personally and the challenges we face, as people that are part of a global community. There is usually some beauty that comes out of difficult times in life, that is the paradox of the deepest shade of blue. I hope the songs on this cd reach out to you in some way, as they did to me.


May 20, 2009 - The Local Songwriters evening turned out to be a success, check out my blog on Myspace. Peter and Jill both put on exceptional performances touching on the stories behind the songs they performed, it made for an intimate yet truly entertaining evening for those who made it out. Looking forward to the next one! I just returned from the Elmdale Tavern where I am going to be playing Tuesday May 26th. There was a good group of musicians out for a songwriters jam being held once a month at the Elmdale, we were treated to some great songs and some Bluegrass, how about it, phenomenal Banjo and Fiddle playing on a Wednesday evening here in Ottawa!

May 4, 2009 - I have finalized the bill for the Local Songwriters Evening at the Rainbow May 13. Jill Zmud and Peter Voith will be joining me, hope to see you out.

April 23, 2009 - I am playing the Ottawa Bluesfest on July 11, 2009, Press Release, as part of the Bluesfest's Acoustic Series at the Ottawa Rideau Centre. I am really looking forward to playing this festival that I have attended for years and I hope to see you all out on July 11th!

April 20, 2009 - My next show is coming up at the Rainbow Bistro on Wednesday May 13. I am planning it as a Songwriter's Evening, myself along with 2 other local songwriters will be performing. I will be posting shortly who will be joining me. They will most likely be other artists in Ottawa that are part of the Bluesfest Collective. The Bluesfest Collective, supported by Bluesfest, ensures that local Ottawa artists have visibility in the Ottawa area Music stores.

Come on out Wednesday May 13 and enjoy an evening of uniquely local to Ottawa songwriting!

Blusefest Collective - Ottawa Region Music Stores
The following music stores support local music in the Ottawa Region through the Bluesfest collective:

  • CD Warehouse - Kanata / Nepean / St. Laurent Blvd
  • End Hits
  • Sounds Unlikely - 5 Arlington Ave.
  • Ottawa Folklore centre
  • Legend Records - 2525 Carling Ave.
  • Mags & Fags - 254 Elgin St.
  • Fab Gear 64 - 1109 Wellington W.

April 13, 2009 - A great time at the Avant-Garde show or as some friends of mine referred to it "the crazy Russian bar", thanks to everyone who made it out on this past Easter weekend. Thanks especially to Razor Mike Philainen who got up and performed the "Cajun Attic song" in all it's glory to mark us recording that song

March 20, 2009 - Hey, as happy as I am to see the good weather coming I am a bit bummed to see winter leave. Didn't make it out skiing this year, I do feel I have to say for the first time ever that I am sorry to see winter leaving us, hard to believe but true. That said, Spring is always something to celebrate, so join me at the Avant-Garde Bar on Besserrer, on Good Friday, April 10, Easter weekend. It has been an interesting couple months, I've been laying kind a low, but you know, keeping an eye on things, Obama's progress, what Harper is up to, his tricks... Earmarks in the budget to get around environmental laws, sticking their fingers in municipal politics, that kind of thing, anyway enough about politics.. So come on out April 10, lets catch up!!

January 13, 2008 - Happy New Year everyone, I like nothing better than a New Year, so much potential, a new canvas to paint on! And what an exciting week with Barak Obama to be sworn in to office on tuesday! I wish all of you a great year ahead and wanted to let you know about a show coming up at the Avant Garde bar this coming thursday hope to see you out!

September 28, 2008 - I just booked a show at the Avant-Garde Bar on Besserrer, it is a great little bar right in the heart of downtown, a cool spot nestled away on a side street a block south of rideau and just east of Dalhousie. I hope you can make it out I'll be playing 2 sets on acoustic, Friday October 24th, getting started about 9:00.

If you missed it I have to tell you the Cajun Attic get together in September with John's authentic cuisine no less, and original menu items including the Big Mamou, Jambalaya, cornbread and John's awesome Pecan Pie was a real treat. Great to see our good friends from the Cajun Attic days.

August 30 2008 - I discovered an amazing little place and made it out this past Friday to check out the jam... The place is called the Umi Cafe on Somerset Street, they've got live music on friday nights, they show documentaries and regularly have poetry slams. They've also got killer Fair trade coffee in this underground spot. I experienced some amazing poets get up and cut their stuff and I also got the chance to get up and perform a few of my tunes. The jam continued for some time, a very memorable evening!

June 27 2008 - The Echoes music festival was great (once we found the place...), up at a campsite in Curran Ontario, the Whispering Pines. We had a new line-up with Bill Brookes on guitar and Robert Cross on drums. We played the first night of the festival, Gini Sigler performed just before us, a very sweet acoustic set. We had a pretty good group up there the band had a lot of energy on stage, and my 2 year old daughter danced through the show it was a very memorable evening.

May 10 2008 - We had a show at Humphreys on Bank St., 2 sets, I got up and did a few songs on Acoustic to introduce each set. I got to play a new song I've been working on called Firekeeper about the war in Afghanistan. It was a pretty good night over all.

Some changes are taking place again in the band, Shaun has moved on to other projects.

April 27, 2008 - I've got a show coming up on the May 10th at Humphrey's on Bank St, hope you can make it out, should be a good night. Just getting back in to rehearsals this past month, Bill Brookes is now playing guitar with the band. He played last year with us at the Ramsey Road Music festival, Bill also played on the CD and has been playing music with me since we were kids. As well I'm playing the Echoes Music Festival on the weekend of June 27th in Curran Ontario.

March 12, 2008 - Just back from Canadian Music Week in Toronto, it was a great week! It was a great opportunity to meet people in the music industry promote the new cd.

I'm happy to announce that, after a few years.. my new cd Deepest Shade of Blue is complete and is now available direct from me or on-line at indie-pool or through the ITunes Music Store. The cd Release party took place at Zaphod Beeblebrox on December 7 at 8:00, the local band "Thats the Spirit" opened up the show, it was a great night, we had a great turn out, thanks to everyone who made it out for all the support!

If you weren't at the show please take a second and add your e-mail to the mailing list form so I can let you know about upcoming shows.

The site will be updated regularly with upcoming shows, blog entries, photos and music. If you're not familiar with my music I would call it Acoustic Alternative Rock.. that said I invite you to have a listen. I have posted 2 tracks off the new cd, Goodbye and Gold, feel free to drop me a line. I hope you'll consider picking up a copy of my new cd.

My thanks to everyone who contributed to the making of the cd, in particular Ross Murray who produced the cd with me, Darren Mundt and Shaun Clare for their tremendous contribution to the making of this cd!

Ottawa Bluesfest - Saturday July 17, 2010

I'll be playing as part of the Ottawa Bluesfest's Acoustic series this Saturday. I'll be featuring alot of the new material that I've written since the release of my CD "Deepest Shade of Blue".

When : Saturday July 17, 2011 - 12:00 Noon

Bytown Tavern - Thursday Jan. 10

To bring in the New Year we'll be playing at the Bytown, downtown and downstairs at 292 Elgin Street. We'll be opening the show at 9:00, there are 2 other bands playing one of them being Loudlove who have just returned from a cross country tour.

When : Thursday January 10, 2008 - 8:00 Doors open
Where : Bytown Tavern - 292 Elgin St. - Downstairs
Need Directions - Elgin St. between Maclaren and Gilmour - West side of the street

CD Release - Zaphod Beeblebrox

The CD Release party was held at Zaphod's in the market, "That's the Spirit" opened up.

When : December 7, 2007 - 8:00 Doors open
Where : Zaphod Beeblebrox - 27 York St.
Need directions - Check out Zaphod's website

Ramsey Road Music Festival

July 21, 2007 - What a day! The organizers did a great job, I really enjoyed the afternoon jam, it was great to get up and do some acoustic, thanks Anthony. The turn out was good and the weather was pristine. It really felt great to be up there, performing all of those songs together in that setting for the first time, it was great! We may have some video at some point, Ryan shot the show. Laura thanks for snapping some shots! It was a real honour to close the show given the talent at the festival! Bill and I stuck around after for the campfire, with Lake of Stew playng up a storm. They are a folk band out of Montreal, a real treat!
Next morning a bear showed up to wake up the guests who camped over, this bear they say was looking for some wakefield Fudge!
CBC Bear Story

When : Saturday, July 21, 2007
Where : Ramsey Road
Need directions - Check out Link to PDF