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Deepest Shade of Blue

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Christophe Elie's debut cd Deepest Shade of Blue is now available. The cd reflects stories that explore the challenges that we face as people in the tradition of Neil Young and Steve Earle. It is an Acoustic Indie Rock album with the arrangements and full intensity of a band behind it.

Elie got started playing the clubs in Ottawa and the surrounding area as soon as they'd let him through the door. "Music has been a passion of mine since I was a kid. I joined my first gigging band "The Source" at 18 and have played in a number of bands over the years and performed as a solo artist in most of the clubs in the city".

The music has been influenced by artists like Hendrix, Neil Young, Dave Mathews, Crowded House. "My songwriting is influenced in particular by artists like Neil Young who have a gift for weaving melody and substance in to a song. My songwriting is a candle for me, it casts a different kind of light on life, it challenges me to think further, to take an idea to a different level.

On a different artistic front Elie produced and released a film called "At Last.." with Blackburn Road Productions. He played the role of director of Photography and wrote the music for the film. "An incredible project and one that provided me with experience that I carried in to the cd production process".

"Deepest Shade of Blue is a culmination of years of writing, rehearsing, collaborating, performing and recording. It is all of those days and nights, the stone path, that led to this, my first cd".